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Karina McGlade-Grando - Educational Audiologist


Karina McGlade-Grando is an educational audiologist, has a 2 years long education in Cognitiv behavioral therapy, and is also specialised into depression, anxiety and social phobia.
She has a long experience with tinnitus treatment from working at Oslo communes councelling office for the hard of hearing.
Karina is also a practicing musician, singer and guitarist. She is specialised in acoustic traditional Irish music. Read more about this here!
Karina grew up, so to say, in the Oslo opera, since her step father was a classical musician who played French Horn at the opera orchestra. Her great grand mother was the opera singer and Norways first female opera chef Kirsten Flagstad.
Karina has long experience when it comes to treating musicians with tinnitus and/or sound sensitivity.
As a praticing musician, she's got the necesssary experience that is needed to understand and to be able to councel singers and musicians suffering from tinnitus and/or sound sensitivity.
The treatment is based on Cognitive behavioral therapy and TRT (”tinnitus retraining therapy”).
Many musicians experience good effects of this type of treatment, since they are used to train systematically on their instruments or their own voice.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is dialogue based, and does also include training different attention training techniques at home between the sessions. Musicians are specially well equiped for this type of treatment.
Karina is also highly engaged with the tinnitus modul, and with the Educational Audiology study at the University of Oslo where she is both lecturer, supervisor and sensor.

Karina has started in 2014 a collaboration with the Oslo Opera Orchestra.
Cooperation content:
Linderud Audio Educational Centre assists in the following areas:
-Knowledge building about physiological aspects of the ear and possible damage
-Emergency treatment and follow-on demand
-Consulting regarding hearing protection / Earplugs
Treatment / monitoring takes place in Linderud Audio Educational Centre their own premises, at Linderud Centre and at Audiopedagog og Kognitiv Terapeut Karina McGlade-Grando, Bygdøy.
Office Address:
Take contact for further info

Hovedfag i audiopedagogikk.

Kognitiv terapeut


You can watch a new video presentation of Karinas office by clicking here!
Karina has also taken part into the process of making the book "Hør Her!"
You can download this file here!
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Karinas diplomas in Cognitive behavioral therapy
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